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Protecting your student house over the holidays

April 8, 2012

Students are at high risk of burglary, especially when you leave your property unattended as you return back home during term breaks. However, there are a few ways that you can reduce the risk of burglaries and protect your property.

1) Lock your door – it seems obvious, but one in three burglaries are due to people leaving doors and windows unlocked. Make sure that all doors  and windows of the house are secured when you are the last person to leave is the most simple way to protect your property. Also, if your bedroom has its own lock, make sure that you have locked this too.

2) Keep keys out of sight – don’t leave any spares keys around your property and make sure that any keys inside the house are hidden from view. Burglars who can see a key through a window can break in and take it.

3) Keep valuables hidden – having TVs, laptops, spare cash etc on view from a window can attract thefts, so make sure to keep your valuables out of sight if you will be leaving your property unattended. If possible, take your valuables home with you to minimize the risk of losing them.

4) Make your house look occupied – burglars look for tell-tale signs of a house being empty, such as piled up post and newspapers, an unlit house after dark etc. If possible, get a timer installed which switches light on and off automatically.

5) Make sure you have insurance – Getting room cover can save a lot of money if you do get burgled. Make sure to keep a note of make, model and serial number of any electrical items to help the police track them down if they do get stolen.

6) Mark your valuables with a UV pen – write down your personal details in case they get stolen and to deter thieves from stealing them in the first place.

Keep these precautions in mind when leaving your house unattended to minimize the risk of being burgled and enjoy your holidays!

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