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What’s it like living in… Glen Eyre?

March 16, 2012

Was Glen Eyre your first choice? 

How many people lived in your flat/corridor?

I was in Old Terrace which is part of Glen Eyre. 10 people in my flat.

Did you have an en suite/ have any issues with the communal bathrooms?

Didn’t have an en suite and there were 2 showers and a bath between 10 of us. no issues.

What was the social atmosphere like in your halls? 

Social atmosphere was great- we had a big kitchen on the ground floor of the flat which we used socially. I

Were you catered/self-catered? Would you choose it again? (How did it affected your experience in halls?)

Was self catered and would choose it again- so much cheaper and you can cook whenever you like rather than having to be somewhere at a certain time.

How was moving in day? 

Moving in day was good- lots of people to help with moving in.

How were the Fresher’s Weeks events in your halls? (What was organised by the JCR, did you attend/enjoy them?)

Freshers events were good. went to 3 or 4 and all were really fun

Did you find your halls to be in a good location?

Glen Eyre is definitely a great location. only 10 minute walk to lectures.

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