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What’s it like living in…Gateley Hall?

March 15, 2012

What halls are you in?

Archers Road (Gateley Hall)

Was it your first choice?

It wasn’t my first choice. It could have been a lot better. I just really didn’t think it was that good.

How many people lived in your flat/corridor?

7 in flat

What was the social atmosphere like in your halls?

Socialising very limited by flats as you could only access your own.
The halls were split into 2 main blocks, down the road from each other.
Flats were quite reclusive
No main communal area apart from the one bar in between the 2 halls.
No green areas, or social area outside for sunny weather

Were you catered/self-catered? Would you choose it again?

I would chose catered – much more social setting; kitchens ended up being really dirty.

How was moving in day?

Moving in day was fine; welcome talk was helpful.

How were the Fresher’s Weeks events in your halls?

Didn’t go to that many, all were quite bad and encouraged you to get wasted.

Did you find your halls to be in a good location?

No. It was 40 minutes walk from campus, although near to a bus station. Fairly near food shops and town, but very isolated from other halls, and small in number so felt quite isolated from the main hubbub of university life.

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