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What’s it like living in….Orion’s Point?

March 14, 2012

Was Orion’s Point your first choice? 

No, but it ended up being really good though.

How many people lived in your flat/corridor?


What was the social atmosphere like in your halls?

It was great, I socialised with everyone. I got on really well with my flatmates and met lots of other people from my floor and the floors above. We hosted our own “Orion’s Point Party” and a lot of us went on nights out together.

Were you catered/self-catered? 

Self-catered. It was the only option for Orion’s Point, but if I had the choice I would still choose self-catered. It was good because my flatmates and I cooked and ate together, as we had a kitchen/ diner section in our flat. I wasn’t great at cooking when I arrived in halls so I picked up a few skills from my flatmates which was helpful.

How was moving in day?

Moving in day was exciting and a little stressful. I was worried about making new friends but it was all fine. I already met two of my flatmates through an Orion’s Point group on Facebook, and my family helped me carry all of my stuff to the flat.

How were the Fresher’s Weeks events in your halls?

I went to all of the events organised by the Private Rented Society, which weren’t many, but they were still good. I seem to remember there was a Pirate Night at Jesters and a daytime event at the Bridge. I also attended all of the events put on by SUSU, such as Move-In Weekend, Freshers’ Ball, Neon Rave, Kinki and Oceana, which were really enjoyable.

Did you find your halls to be in a good location?

I’d say a fairly good location because Orion’s Point is located near Bedford Place towards town, so we weren’t very close to uni. The transport links were good though so I just got the Uni-Link bus to university which took about 20 mins. We had to pay for our own bus pass though, but the overall cost of Orion’s Point still came in cheaper than regular halls. I was very close to shops, like Asda, Tesco and even Premier which was across the road. It was also easy to get to the cinema and clubs in Bedford Place and the city centre.

What is Orion’s Point like compared to other halls?

When I was at Orion’s Point it came under Private Rented, but I think it may have changed now as it’s being recognised as a proper halls by the university. It’s organised in flats but everyone tended to leave their front doors open to socialise. We liked to hang out in the corridor, chatting. Orion’s Point flats have a larger living area with a kitchen/diner and lounge. It’s also all ensuite. There’s a fairly big area by reception with a TV and sofas as well. The maintenance and reception staff were all very friendly and helpful in dealing with any problems.

Were you worried when you found out you would be in Orion’s Point?

I was at first because I hadn’t really heard of it, but when I arrived I obviously met lots of people in my position and it was really good.

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