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What’s it like living in…Connaught Halls?

March 13, 2012

What halls are you in?


Was it your first choice?

No, I chose Glen Eyre as I wanted an en-suite, but actually there were only 4 of us sharing our bathroom and it was only across the corridor so it all worked out well.

How many people live in your flat/corridor?


What’s the social atmosphere like in your halls?

Our halls were very social. Everyone went out together and we all sang chants on the bus (much to the bus man’s dislike!) There weren’t many people in my flat, but that didn’t matter as there were lots of people in big corridors to go and socialise with 🙂

Are you catered/self-catered? Would you choose it again?

I was in catered. It wasn’t the best food and got a bit repetitive, but I would choose it again as I liked the idea of everyone going to eat together. It meant there was chance to meet lots more people.

How was moving in day?

I was really worried as I was meant to be in a twin room, but I got there quite early and they had spare rooms available so I was able to move into my own room straight away. I was also worried about meeting people, but everyone is in the same boat so they are all willing to chat. Everyone was very friendly. We were lucky as it was a very sunny day so we all sat outside and made our freshers t-shirts.

How were the Fresher’s Weeks events in your halls?

Fresher’s week was really good. There was lots to do. I liked the events in our JCR as everyone on our halls went, but that wasn’t too many (maybe 150!) so there was chance to chat to lots of people without feeling too overwhelmed. There was always a theme which meant we spent lots of the week shopping for costumes and dressing up together.

Do you find your halls to be in a good location?

The location wasn’t great if you wanted to cycle (up hill all the way!) but it didn’t matter as the bus stop was right outside halls and buses came all the time. It was also near a big park so that was nice 🙂

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