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What’s it like living in….Montefiore Halls?

March 12, 2012

Halls Questionnaire: Montefiore 

Was Montefiore your first choice? 

No, I originally applied to be in Glen Eyre. However, I had a great time in Monte and I’m glad I ended up there! I don’t think it matters too much which halls you are in, as the experience you have is determined more by the people you meet and what you make of it.

How many people live in your flat/corridor?

There were 7 of us in our corridor. It was a nice number to share with as it was sociable enough, but meant the kitchen was never too busy and you didn’t have to wait ages for a shower. However, in some ways it was a shame that Monte has flats as it would have been nice to have the freedom to visit others without a locked door in the way!

What’s the social atmosphere like in your halls? 

The social atmosphere in our halls was great! A few of the flats in our block became very close, and we all still live together and see each other frequently two years later. Having said that, there were people in a few flats in the block that we didn’t know at all because we never saw them! I think it really depends who you end up living with as to how sociable your halls will be. If you aren’t that close with the people you live with, there will be plenty of other people in your block to get to know!

 Are you catered/self-catered? 

Montefiore is self-catered. For me personally, it was great because it meant I was able to cook whatever and whenever I wanted. In first year I definitely would never have been awake early enough to get breakfast in a catered hall! It allowed me a lot of freedom, and cooking together is quite sociable. Plus, we had a communal kitchen that we always socialised in, whereas many catered halls don’t.

How was moving in day? 

Moving in day was a great experience. We were given a fresher pack that introduced us to the university and its services, which was really helpful. I was a bit worried about meeting the people I was going to be living with, but it was a lot of fun – by the end of the day it was like we had known each other for ages! The JCR organised a night out in the Monte Bar, which was a great chance to get to know new people.

How were the Fresher’s Weeks events in your halls?

Fresher’s week was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had – be sure to make the most of it while you can! The JCR put on lots of events, which was helpful as we weren’t familiar with the city yet. Everybody was so friendly and I met so many new people, many of whom I’m still good friends with. The Uni also have events like the Fresher’s Fayre and the Bunfight which are definitely worth going to to find out about all the societies and what goes on at the Uni.

Do you find your halls to be in a good location? 

Monte is a little further away than other halls like Glen Eyre. It was about a 25 minute walk, but you get a free bus pass for the local Uni-Link bus service, which makes getting anywhere in the city easy. It would have been nice to have been a bit closer, but it wasn’t a huge issue.

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