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New Students and Private Housing

March 8, 2012

If you haven’t received a place in Halls of Accommodation or are choosing to live in a Private Rented Accommodation you will have to start thinking about where to live and who to live with.

Southampton have Private Rented Open Days to help you find accommodation and give you the chance to meet other students. These are held at  Winchester School of Art on Friday 26th August 2011 and atSouthampton Highfield Campus on Tuesday 30th August 2011 and Wednesday 31st August 2011, and will run from 10am to 5pm on each day.

The day includes the following activities:
– A presentation by Accommodation Service, Students’ Union and Private Rented JCR to give you advice and answer any questions you may have

– Some ice breakers and workshops to help you meet other students and introduce you to some of the people you could be living with.

– The chance to get out in the city and view some houses.

Register for the Private Rented Open Day by following the link below:

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