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What type of halls will suit me?

February 27, 2012

Southampton University offers a wide range of Halls of Accommodation with something to suit everybody. As this will be your first experience of University it is important that you pick somewhere that you will be happy and that suits your needs. So what kind of things do you need to consider when picking what halls to apply for?

1. Catered or non-catered?: Typically a catered Halls will provide you with breakfast and then  your choice of lunch or dinner. The food offered ranges from sandwiches to pizzas, traditional roasts and international cuisine. Choosing to go catered takes off the pressure of buying food and cooking for yourself and can provide a more traditional Halls experience. Self-catered accommodation comes with kitchen facilities shared between you and your fellow residents and offers a more independent experience and at a lower price. Shopping for food is made easy with local shops and the Uni-Link bus service to the city supermarkets.

2. En-Suite or shared bathroom?:  Choosing an en-suite room means having your own shower, washbasin and toilet. This can mean avoiding queues for the shower in the morning and choosing to live by your own level of hygiene! However, cleaning the en-suite will be your responsibility. Shared bathroom facilities are typically cheaper, cleaned everyday by the cleaners and you will still have your own personal wash basin in your room.

3. Standard room or enhanced room?: In Southampton, a standard room means having bathroom and kitchen facilities that are normally shared between 8-20 other residents. This can sound like a lot, but the facilities are large enough to accommodate everyone and can lead to a more social atmosphere. An enhanced room means shared facilities with no more than 7 residents and can be more preferable for those who like things a little calmer.

4. Proximity to Campus: Some halls of accommodation such as Glen Eyre are located within a 5 minute walk of campus, which makes rolling out of bed and into a lecture much easier! Other halls such as Montefiore and Connaught are slightly further away. But all halls come with a free Uni-Link bus pass, so travelling to Campus is made easy wherever you chose to be.

Information about what is included in each of the Halls of Residence at Southampton University can be found here 

If possible it is worth having a look round halls of accommodation on open days to get a feel for where  you might end up living for the next year! But even if you don’t get your first choice of accommodation, don’t worry too much. Your experience in halls will be what you make of it, so be sure to be open to new experiences and enjoy it while you can!

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